Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is one of the biggest complaints amongst pet owners and is most often taken as bad behavior rather than the deeper problem that it is. No, separation anxiety is not simply a pet whining and quivering in the corner. Other more severe characteristics include going to the bathroom in the house (even when they’re house trained), getting into the trash, barking/howling, chewing things other than their toys (goodbye, flip-flops), digging (just about anywhere), and trying to escape. 

Bikes and Dogs Don’t Mix

Don’t ride your bike with your dog trotting next to your front wheel. Just don’t. Odds are, your scenario will result in your face meeting the asphalt and your dog possibly injured. (Oh yeah, you too.)

4 Ways to Keep Your Dog Dry on Rainy Days

Rain is never truly fun unless you’re riding on a small boat with Ryan Gosling, but something tells me your situation is a little less romantic and, well, Ryan Gosling-y. Instead, we get to “enjoy” it with our dogs who are making the most wonderful gesture towards us by refusing to go to the bathroom quickly and getting soaked in the process.

Meet Kilo

Next up on our Featured Pets list is an adorable Golden boy (nope, not related to the Golden Girls)! You’re going to want to squish his precious face and give him a giant kiss on the nose when you see him. Meet Kilo – a 4-year-old Golden Retriever who just wants to be loved on and played … Continue reading Meet Kilo

Living with a Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds out there. I almost guarantee that at least one of your neighbors owns a Golden and you see their happy-go-lucky selves strutting around your neighborhood each day. Aside from their obvious friendliness, Goldens are much more than what meets the eye. Keep reading to see if a Golden Retriever is right for you! 

My Dog Is My Best Friend

I spend most of my time with my dog. I hang out the most with my dog. My dog sees all of my ups and downs, all of my happy and sad days. And she never leaves. She sticks by me through thick and thin no matter what type of day I’m having. My dog is my best friend.