Meet Sunshine

This next featured pup will be sure to turn your frown upside down with her sweet, smiling face and beautiful blue eyes. She even has her own emoji! Need a hint? …☀️

What Not to Feed Your Dog

Hello, and welcome to What Not to Wear Feed Your Dog! On today’s segment, we’ll be talking about all things good and bad for your pup to put into their digestive system. Yup, that’s right, there are actually human foods that benefit them, but don’t get too excited, there are a lot of foods out there that are extremely toxic to their little bodies.

Would You Want to Sit in a Hot Car?

It’s officially Fall, but that doesn’t mean those parked cars are going to be getting cooler anytime soon. Yup, even though the air feels brisker, the sun is still no joke. What would you do if you were left in a hot car? You’d simply unlock the door and get out, right? Dogs don’t have that same luxury.

Meet Bane

Meet Bane (aka Banes, Beans, Beanie, and Bud-Bud) — a 1 and a half-year-old French Bulldog who was named after the character Bane in Batman.

What’s Your Dog’s Favorite Toy?

We all know our dog has that one toy that is his/her absolute favorite. It doesn’t go very far out of their sight and, more often than not, tends to take the worst beating out of the bunch in the toy bin. If it has stuffing in it, it most likely has already been completely gutted, but that doesn’t discount it as their #1.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is one of the biggest complaints amongst pet owners and is most often taken as bad behavior rather than the deeper problem that it is. No, separation anxiety is not simply a pet whining and quivering in the corner. Other more severe characteristics include going to the bathroom in the house (even when they’re house trained), getting into the trash, barking/howling, chewing things other than their toys (goodbye, flip-flops), digging (just about anywhere), and trying to escape.