When Should I Get Another Dog?

According to the American Kennel Club, there are 3 questions you should ask yourself before you make the big decision to welcome a new family member. Unlike brand new pet owners who may not know what it’s like at all to own a dog, second-time pet owners know what it’s like but they might forget how hard the puppy months (or years) were.

Meet Layla

This past week, Savvy Paws did a contest with Savannah the Poodle on Instagram and awarded the winner a featured pets post with us! Savannah better make way because there are now 2 adorable Toy Poodles in our featured pets ring…

Separation Anxiety: Part 2

It’s always hard when the yearly vacations arrive and it’s time to say goodbye. We see parents FaceTiming their kids that are staying at Grandma and Grandpa’s house all the time, so why can’t us pet owners do that? They’re our kids, too. 

Is Ice Melt Bad for your Dog?

Snow can be great fun for pups of all shapes and sizes (with the proper snow gear, of course!), but the ice melt that is used to ensure no one slips and falls is not.

Meet Oliver

Meet Oliver (aka Ollie) — a 15 week old Pomeranian who won his name through a poll his mom, Taylor, took from some family and friends.

The Sand beneath My Paws

If you follow any of Savvy Paws’ social media accounts, you’ll know that Savannah and I took a little break from reality a few weeks ago and took a trip to the beach. The weather was perfect and made spending a full day on a boat worth every second, but it managed to bring back some not so fun memories…