Meet Remington

Meet Remington Maxwell, a 2 year old first generation Goldendoodle who will capture your heart in seconds!

Meet Jameson

Meet Jameson (aka Jamo) — a 5-month-old Siberian Husky who seeks out adventure any chance he gets, especially if it involves his all-time favorite activity – camping!

Meet Layla

This past week, Savvy Paws did a contest with Savannah the Poodle on Instagram and awarded the winner a featured pets post with us! Savannah better make way because there are now 2 adorable Toy Poodles in our featured pets ring…

Meet Oliver

Meet Oliver (aka Ollie) — a 15 week old Pomeranian who won his name through a poll his mom, Taylor, took from some family and friends.

Meet Sunshine

This next featured pup will be sure to turn your frown upside down with her sweet, smiling face and beautiful blue eyes. She even has her own emoji! Need a hint? …☀️