Welcome to Savvy Paws! Your one-stop shop for all things pets. When you have a passion for something, you will find yourself willing to do everything to achieve your dreams. This is exactly how my blog started.

My name is McKenzi and I’m the proud owner of Savvy Paws. As an avid animal lover, and dog owner, I have always dreamt of pursuing a career that involved my passion. I spent years scouring the internet for something that involved animals but did not require as much heartache as a veterinarian. That’s when I started researching the happier side of the pet industry – pet sitting, dog walking, and pet blogging. This was where I wanted to invest my time and energy. The idea of being able to help current and future pet owners and their pets was exciting to me. I found myself thinking about it constantly and knew that this was the path I was going to go down.

So, here I am, writing pet blogs every day for your enjoyment and mine. Sharing what it’s like to be a pet owner (we all know there are ups and downs) with those of you who can relate and those of you who want that inside scoop before making that long-term commitment to a new furry family member. My goal is to educate those who are new to the pet world and to be that person fellow pet owners can relate to. In the upcoming months, I plan on expanding my blog to YOU! I will search for real pet parents to feature on my blog and will also branch out and feature many of the awesome rescues and adoptees waiting for their forever homes.

I hope that you find what I share to be valuable (and entertaining) enough to keep coming back to be a part of the wonderful community we’ve created together.