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Separation Anxiety: Part 2

Wait – didn’t I already make a post talking about separation anxiety a few months back? Yes. Yes, I did. But what I lacked in touching base on was the separation anxiety we, the owners, feel when we have to leave our pups.

hitcher-1693014_1920I’ve been super busy the past few months due to chasing a college diploma so making posts was put on low heat on the back burner (I missed you guys!!), but what remained constant in my life was my little shadow, Savannah. Through every paper I wrote and every design project I stayed up until past midnight slaving over, she was there supporting me every step of the way. Now, we were very close before this last semester came about, but it became apparent to me that she was part of what kept me sane.

Fast forward to after graduation and into the new year, I was preparing to leave for a week-long cruise. I was so excited to visit countries I had never been to before but was depressing myself over the fact that I had to leave her. It’s always hard when the yearly vacations arrive and it’s time to say goodbye, but something about this time made it very hard. We see parents FaceTiming their kids that are staying at Grandma and Grandpa’s house all the time, so why can’t us pet owners do that? They’re our kids, too.

dog-1260935_1920Good thing I don’t care. Savannah was staying with my parents (which was a blessing because I didn’t have to garner “the look” when I explained how sad I felt about leaving her behind) so I was able to get pictures of her every day along with an update on how she was doing. This put me more at ease as I knew she was doing great and keeping busy.

If you also struggle with separation anxiety from your pet when it comes time to travel, here are my tips for you:

  1. Leave your furry babe with someone you know and trust. This will ensure less worrying on your end and will leave you feeling comfortable when you request a picture or video.
  2. Don’t wait until the last second to pack your pup’s bags. Make sure they have everything they will need with them while they’re on their own little mini-vacation. This includes having enough food, toys, and treats as well as providing an emergency vet number. The more prepared you are for both yourself and your pet, the less you will be worrying later on.
  3. Bring one of your pup’s toys with you on your trip. Remember when you were little and you couldn’t go anywhere without that very specific stuffed animal or blanket? This is very similar! Bringing something from home that reminds you of your pet or a certain person will leave you feeling like you brought a piece of them with you on your trip. I know this may sound silly, but I’ve found it comforting – and it’s worth a shot!


Do you have separation anxiety when you have to leave your pet for trips? Comment below and share your coping techniques!


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