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Meet Oliver

Our next featured pup isn’t even a year old yet, but he already has stealing hearts down pat – not that it comes as a surprise once you see his cute little face!

OliverMeet Oliver (aka Ollie) — a 15 week old Pomeranian who won his name through a poll his mom, Taylor, took from some family and friends. Aside from getting into typical puppy shenanigans, Oliver can most often be seen running around and chasing a ball or his all-time favorite toy – “Hedgy”, his hedgehog stuffed animal. (Hedgy toys are the best!) Socks, feet, and backpack straps are also some of his go-to things to chew.

When it comes to best friends, Oliver tries his best to split his time between his three BFFs – his mom, grandma, and, of course, his beloved Hedgy. We know how you feel, Oliver, it’s hard having 3 besties!

Owner’s favorite thing about the breed? Oliver’s mom, Taylor, says she loves poms because “they’re so tiny, fluffy and sweet. They make the best of friends. They’re very inquisitive and keep you on your feet at all times.”

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