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Meet Sunshine

This next featured pup will be sure to turn your frown upside down with her sweet, smiling face and beautiful blue eyes. She even has her own emoji! Need a hint? …☀️

IMG_20170921_164607Meet Sunshine — an adopted 8-year-old Bull Terrier Mix who is hard at work training to become a service dog. In her spare time, she loves cuddling and sleeping at her mom’s feet when she comes home from a long day at work. Although Sunshine suffers from canine lupus, she doesn’t let it stop her from loving life and spending most of her time outside, letting her playfulness shine bright.

Aside from being an expert at posing for Instagram photos (she tends to pose without being asked!), Sunshine can often be seen with her stuffed squirrel and oversized panda bear or hanging out with her sister/BFF, Bella Mia (Foxhound Terrier Mix).

Owner’s favorite part about the breed? Her mom Kaitlin says, “I love mixed breeds because they have a tendency to be unique colors and patterns and quite full of individual personalities.”

Keep up with this pretty lady by following her on Instagram @sunshinesunshineitsfine.

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