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What Not to Feed Your Dog

Hello, and welcome to What Not to Wear Feed Your Dog! On today’s segment, we’ll be talking about all things good and bad for your pup to put into their digestive system. Yup, that’s right, there are actually human foods that benefit them, but don’t get too excited, there are a lot of foods out there that are extremely toxic to their little bodies.

I think we all know that chocolate and caffeine is a big no-no, but what else? Here, let’s do a little quiz. Which one of these foods are okay for your dog to eat off your fork or spoon?      (a) Avacodo     (b) Grapes     (c) Green beans     (d) Macadamia nuts

If you guessed (c), you’re right! Green beans are low in calories but high in nutrients, making them a nice, healthy treat for your pup. Just make sure not to cook them in a lot of salt or spices before giving your dog a string or two. Better yet, if the veterinarian told you your furry baby could afford to cut down on a few lbs, green beans are a great replacement treat to help aid in weight loss. (Along with exercising, of course.)

Curious to know what else you shouldn’t give your pup under the dinner table? Check out the infographic below from BarkPost, or visit Mother Nature Network and the American Kennel Club to learn more.


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