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What’s Your Dog’s Favorite Toy?

We all know our dog has that one toy that is his/her absolute favorite. It doesn’t go very far out of their sight and, more often than not, tends to take the worst beating out of the bunch in the toy bin. If it has stuffing in it, it most likely has already been completely gutted, but that doesn’t discount it as their #1.

dog-923610_1920If you’re anything like me, you have one big question surrounding this obsession of theirs – why do our dogs get attached to just one toy when they have about 20 more waiting to get in on some fetch action?

There isn’t a clear-cut answer but, according to The Dodo, it could have something to do with their instincts. Female dogs tend to embody a motherly connection with a toy that resembles (or that they think resembles) a puppy. Carrying it around constantly and never letting it go may be a sign that your dog is treating their stuffed creature as one of their own.

But what if your pup has a habit of completely ripping it to shreds?

Simple. Although your dog is indoors most of the day, is great with children and other pets, he also likes to let his wild side out every now and then. The Dodo gives credit for this behavior to a “high predatory drive”. Some pups like seeing that stuffing fly, especially when they are the main culprit. (RIP, stuffed lamb.)

SavvyThere really is no way of knowing why your pup is choosing certain toys over others, but just like humans, dogs have preferences. Savannah, for instance, is all about her small, squeaky duck toy. We actually lost it a year or so ago and came across it recently. Needless to say, she has left her replacement favorite, Lamb Chop, and readopted Duckie. (Yup, we name her toys. You don’t?)

At the end of the day, we want our pups to be as happy as possible and if babying or tearing apart their toys does just that, we let them do it! 😉


Does your dog have a favorite toy that they love more than life itself? Comment below and share a picture!


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