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Bikes and Dogs Don’t Mix

There are things you might do that you didn’t expect to turn into a bad idea, and there are other things you do that you absolutely know is a bad idea, but you go ahead and do it anyway. Unfortunately, some of these instances involve other people (or living things) and quickly morph that simple bad idea into a horrible idea.

puppy-1445082_1920Wondering what I’m rambling on about? I’ll just get right to it… don’t ride your bike with your dog trotting next to your front wheel. Just don’t. Odds are, your scenario will result in your face meeting the asphalt and your dog possibly injured. (Oh yeah, you too.)

It seems like it would be common sense not to drag your pup along on a bike ride, right? Wrong. Just the other week I witnessed myself a man riding his bike on a road with his large canine jogging next to him on a not so long leash. I was dumbfounded. Now, I’m sure not every dog is afraid of everything on the planet like mine is, but thinking about it from a dog’s perspective, focusing on not running into bicycle wheels while also trying not to get hit by large vehicles would be a little overwhelming.

Needless to say, this did not work out for the owner. (Big surprise!) The dog was so distracted by the passing cars that he ran right into the wheels of the bike, causing his owner to lose his balance and nearly fall flat on his face. What happened next irritated me – the owner scolded the dog for almost making him fall off the bike… Really? The dog caused it, sure, but had he had the common sense to leave his dog at home while he went out for a leisure bike ride in the first place, he would have kept on moving down that road with no problems.

The lesson for today: If you want to take a bike ride, or whatever ride that involves wheels (minus a car), leaving your pup at home is the best option for them and for you. Your dog will be much happier with a brisk walk or run. Trust me!


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