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4 Ways to Keep Your Dog Dry on Rainy Days

Okay, so life has gotten hectic and it’s been a while since I’ve been able to sit down and really write for all of my fellow dog lovers. I’m sorry about that! But I’m going to make it up to you today by talking about what every dog owner despises (and I promise to try to make it a little funnier than usual).

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Rain is never truly fun unless you’re riding on a small boat with Ryan Gosling, but something tells me your situation is a little less romantic and, well, Ryan Gosling-y. Instead, we get to “enjoy” it with our dogs who are making the most wonderful gesture towards us by refusing to go to the bathroom quickly and getting soaked in the process. If you’ve ever been in this situation, you know that there’s nothing worse than bringing a wet dog into your house (especially those of you with bigger breeds). If wet paws weren’t painful enough to see walking across your newly cleaned floors, it usually gets worse when the big, elaborate shake makes an appearance.

Other than avoiding taking your dog outside to go to the bathroom in a rain storm altogether, is there really a way to prevent this disaster from happening? Well, not really. But there are ways to try to make it a little better! I’ve never used any of these solutions simply because Savannah is small enough to carry and try to manually hold an umbrella over, but I am so tempted to try one of these out. (Especially #2!)

Here are 4 ways to keep your pup dry when walking him/her outside in the rain:

  1. Doggie leash umbrella — It might look a little ridiculous, but it seems like it could also be pretty handy. This leash umbrella replaces your everyday leash on rainy days and helps you keep your pup dry. The only downfall is that your pup may be a little spooked over the fact that something besides you is hovering over them. Check out this retro clear version or color version of this nifty invention.
  2. Doggie raincoat — Now this one I have seen around before! Just like our human raincoats, dogs now have the same luxury. Along with covering your pups whole body, most also have a cute little hood to protect their head and ears from the rain. Interested in checking them out? Here’s a cool clear version with color lining and a similar Jelly Wellies’ version (possibly my favorite) that offers a variety of colors.
  3. Rain boots — If your dog actually walks in shoes, please send me a video for proof – I won’t believe you until I see it! To match your new Jelly Wellies raincoat from above, you can get your pup some of their waterproof rain boots. Again, there’s no guarantee that your dog will take one step in these adorable shoes, but at least they’ll look cute and stylish!
  4. Accept your fate and use a dog shammy when you get back inside — This one seems to be almost the easiest and hardest option. Rather than trying to defy the odds, you just suck it up and take your dog out – only protecting yourself. But you still need to dry them off so your house doesn’t start smelling like a wet pup. If towels aren’t cutting it for you, maybe it’s time to start using a more absorbent material like a dog shammy (no, not the kind you dry your car off with after washing it). This product is also great for drying your pup off after a bath.

These are just a few ways to try to make walking your dog in the rain less of a chore. We’d love to hear how these options work for you! If you have any suggestions to add to the list, or if you simply want to share your own story about using one of these products, feel free to comment below. 🙂



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