Kilo in the snow

Meet Kilo

Next up on our Featured Pets list is an adorable Golden boy (nope, not related to the Golden Girls)! You’re going to want to squish his precious face and give him a giant kiss on the nose when you see him.

unnamed (1)Meet Kilo – a 4-year-old Golden Retriever who just wants to be loved on and played with! Along with being super playful, Kilo lets his true Golden spirit shine through by being extremely friendly (to just about everyone), lovable, and, well, a little hardheaded. (It’s okay, Kilo. We can all relate at some point or another!) He absolutely loves going on walks and saying hi to as many people as possible in the process.

Although he’s fully grown, Kilo doesn’t need any of those big dog toys. He’s happiest with a few of his favorites – tennis balls, cat toy mouses, and chew bones. When it comes to who he loves the most (and considers his best friend ever), he’s a total mama’s boy.

Owner’s favorite part about the breed?  Kilo’s mom, Ashley, loves how playful and snuggly Golden Retrievers are – like life-sized teddy bears! Their high sense of loyalty to their owners and drama-free personalities are just a few things she loves most about this breed.


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