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Living with a Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds out there. I almost guarantee that at least one of your neighbors owns a Golden and you see their happy-go-lucky selves strutting around your neighborhood each day. Aside from their obvious friendliness, Goldens are much more than what meets the eye. Keep reading to see if a Golden Retriever is right for you! dog-2556796_1920


Golden Retrievers have been around for centuries. They originally derive from England and Scotland and were primarily used as hunt and retrieval dogs (hence the second portion of their breed name). Back in the 1800s, Golden’s hunting skills were used in both sport and survival. These skills helped their masters feed their family and keep their own mind and body in tip-top shape. Today, Golden Retrievers are used as not only companion dogs but guiding eyes for the blind. Their friendliness and ability to learn quickly make them one of the smartest breeds available to us.

Personality Traits

I’m sure we’ve all interacted with a Golden at one point or another, but if you haven’t had the pleasure, let me break it down for you. These loveable pups are all about devoting their lives and attention to you. Aside from being extremely loyal to their owners and family, Goldens are one of those dogs who will walk up to a complete stranger and seek their attention. They’re very active and need exercise each day to help balance their energy out. Although they can be silly, and a little hardheaded, Golden Retrievers are extremely smart and will most likely learn anything you take the time to teach them. After all, all they want to do is please you!


Although Goldens do shed quite a bit, the bulk of it is mostly seasonal. What does that mean exactly? Good question. Being a seasonal shedder means that your dog sheds a lot when their coat changes from winter to spring/summer or vice versa. Grooming can be done occasionally, but if you want to try to reduce the amount of hair that floats around your home, brushing them frequently can help out. But, needless to say, you will never be able to conquer a dog hair free home with a Golden around (but that’s okay, their cuteness makes up for it).


Before you run out and get your hands on your very own Golden, let’s see if they’re truly right for you and your family. If you have kids, you’re in luck. Goldens are great with kids (and can tolerate the occasional pulling of the hair), but they’re also great with other pets. Actually, like any dog, it’s best if you do have a nice playmate that they can romp around with! They can get pretty big (55-75 pounds depending on their gender), so make sure you have a decent sized house or yard for them to run around in. If not, make sure you treat them to outdoor doggie play dates in the neighborhood or local dog park! If all of these factors are parallel with your at-home situation, the Golden Retriever just may be the perfect dog breed for you. 🙂

Interested in learning more about Golden Retrievers? I highly recommend Barron’s Dog Bibles. It takes you through the history of Golden Retrievers and teaches you about their personality traits, grooming needs, and training tips.


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