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My Dog Is My Best Friend

I spend most of my time with my dog. I hang out the most with my dog. My dog sees all of my ups and downs, all of my happy and sad days. And she never leaves. She sticks by me through thick and thin no matter what type of day I’m having. My dog is my best friend.

464I realize this makes me sound like some crazy dog person, but it’s true. In any situation at home, and no matter who is around, she’s always glued to my side and not because I’m forcing her. She wants to be there with me.

Dogs are able to detect when their owner is at their happiest, at their angriest (is that even a word? Autocorrect thinks so, so I’m rolling with it), and at their saddest. They feel exactly what we feel in that moment and act accordingly by bringing us a toy to play with them, giving us some space, or lying next to us just to lick our tears. This is just one of the greatest qualities they exhibit, and we’re lucky enough to experience it.

I stand by the term “a dog is a man’s best friend” 100%. The only problem with that quote is that I’m definitely not a man, and “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” definitely does not pertain to me at all (but, don’t get me wrong, I will gladly take a nice ring still). With only a few ways to communicate with each other, we are able to bond greatly with them, even more so than with some of the humans in our life. That unconditional love always wins.


Do you consider your dog to be one of your best friends? Share in the comments below!


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