Savannah getting a Greenie

The Catnip of the Dog World

One word: Greenies.

If you’ve ever given your dog these dental chews, you might know that they have the power to make your dog go crazy (for them, of course). I’ve experienced this first hand with Savannah (just look at that concentration on her face in the picture below). Every single morning after our walk, we come back inside and head straight for the kitchen. She knows, I know, we all know – it’s Greenie time.

GreeniesI give her a Greenie each morning as an attempt to keep her oral hygiene in check. This along with some dental wipes usually works for us, but if you have a puppy on your hands, the best option (for them and yourself) is to get them used to an actual canine toothbrush early on so they can have immaculate teeth and not worry about any dental issues down the road! (We may or may not have had to say goodbye to some chicklets in the past…).

There are a ton of dental chews out there, but Greenies are my go-to because they are made with natural ingredients and are easy to digest. I don’t know about you, but the natural ingredients alone make it a win for me. I want to know that what I’m putting in my pups body is not only harmless but is also good for her! (I’ve been really cracking down on this lately due to dog treat recalls.)

Out of the many options Greenies Dental Treats have to offer, I always go with their original version. I know my girl loves it and don’t really think she needs to be smelling like mint or blueberries. Here’s a great deal on the original teenie ones I purchase if you are interested in trying them out! Greenies chart

Along with different flavors (including mint, blueberry, and original), there are also different sizes to fit your dog’s needs depending on how much your dog weighs (see chart to the right). Grain-free, weight management, and hip and joint options are also available.

If you end up giving Greenies a try, let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear about how much your dog loves them (because I’m confident they will). 😉



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