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Meet Savannah

Okay, you probably already feel like you know who Savannah is by now, but the truth is, you don’t! This post will be our first ever Featured Pets post and will be all about my baby girl.

SavvyMeet Savannah – a 10-year-old Toy Poodle who wakes up every day just to love life and have fun (I think we can all take a note or two from her!). She’s crazy, energetic, and hates being away from her mom for too long. Her wild and clever personality make her the center of attention in her home every day which almost always leads to laughter.

Aside from hiking and playing fetch/tug-of-war with her family, barking at passersby out front of her house is her favorite hobby as well as happily greeting strangers out in public (makes no sense to me either). Oh yeah, can’t forget about licking. If she sees feet that are uncovered, she will find her way to them and lick them clean. (My efforts to get her to stop are basically useless.)

Out of her many (what seems to be hundreds) of toys, she has a select few that are her absolute favorite. These include Lambchop, her gutted lamb toy (stuffing was everywhere), and her dozens of squeaky tennis balls that she hides around the house. When she can’t find a toy or ball to greet you with when you come in the door, she will pick up the nearest toy with her mouth and present it to you.

Although she adores her toys and her family, her mom is, hands-down, her best friend in the world (the feeling is reciprocated). <3


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