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Living with a Poodle

When it comes to living with a Poodle, I know firsthand that it can be both amazing and a struggle – all at the same time. But as any pet parent knows, the good outweighs the bad by far. Keep reading for the ins and outs of living with a Poodle.

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Poodles are mostly known as canines of royalty due to their connection to more wealthier suitors. But before this time, Poodles were working dogs used primarily for hunt and retrieval. Don’t worry – this isn’t a history lesson, but I just wanted to make it clear that they are tougher than you think! Aside from their elaborate haircuts, Poodles are one of the smartest canine creatures in the world. Don’t believe me? According to the American Kennel Club, breeds including the Poodle, Border Collie, German Shepard, and Golden Retriever are one of the smartest breeds out there.

Personality Traits

Yep, that’s right! The beloved Poodle is not just something nice to look at. They will amaze you with their smarts in just a few short minutes of interaction. They’re extremely active and do best when kept busy. From personal experience with my dog, Savannah, Poodles love to learn your schedule. Your routine becomes theirs, and if you decide to break it, they definitely notice. This level of attention to detail comes from their loyalty and willingness to please their owner. They can be extremely lovable and know how to have fun but are also able to crack down and be serious when it comes to learning a new skill or trick.

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Allergic to dogs? No problem. Poodles shed infrequently and are typically the go-to breed for those who are allergic to dog dander. Any hair that they do shed stays woven into their fur due to its body and thickness (yay for no hair on the couch and your nice black pants!).

The only downfall of a Poodle’s fur is that they require daily grooming (and when I say daily, I mean it). Because their hair is coarse and curly, any hair that may fall out needs to be removed to prevent mats and knots. To groom Savannah, I use Well & Good’s undercoat dog comb. It doesn’t cut through hair, but it helps when you’re trying to get out those tough knots by removing any loose hair. I personally love it!


Now that you’ve read up to this point and learned some of the important facts about what it’s like to own a Poodle, let’s see if this colorful breed would fit in well with your household. Good with children? Check. Great with other dogs? With supervision, of course. But enough about if the Poodle is right for you; are you right for the Poodle? Based on what I’ve mentioned above, to be the perfect fit for a Poodle, you must be active, willing to groom them each and every day, give them the social life they need, and possibly be prepared to be outwitted. 😉 Poodles are really a very special breed and if you can provide these basics for them, you won’t regret your decision to welcome one into your family!

Interested in learning more about Poodles? I highly recommend Barron’s Dog Bibles. It takes you through the history of Poodles and teaches you about their personality traits, grooming needs, and training tips.


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3 thoughts on “Living with a Poodle

  1. Having owned standard poodles since the mid-70’s, I can attest to being outwitted more than once. But I never had to question their undying loyalty and ability to make their families thrilled with their smarts. 🐩

  2. I won’t get another breed,they are smart.I just to put mine down of 20 unconditional love.She knew when 9 pm came,she would walk down the hall and peep out the door; as if to say come on ole lady. But I’m getting another one at the end of August. I LOVE POODLES

    1. Poodles are such a fun breed! I’m very sorry you lost your sweet girl but hope your new addition brings you just as much love and happiness!

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