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Research, Research, Research!

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Why Do Research?

Before I enter our first segment of the Savvy Paws blog, I wanted to touch base on how important research is when deciding on a breed to bring home. I, in no way, support breeders and all of the terrible things that go on behind their closed doors (and a big hell no to dog stores!!), but whatever route you choose to go in, I want to be the guide on your shoulder to help you make the right breed choice so we can avoid adding, even more, dogs into the pound or shelter due to poor placement.chihuahua with glasses

I know, I know, you are probably rolling your eyes big time just reading the word “research“, let alone reading it three times in a row. But, you’re in luck! One of my goals is to be there for people like you. Our next segment (that I will be adding weekly) will include information on all types of breeds. What do they need the most (or the least)? Are they good with children? Maybe you work a lot and your new companion will spend long amounts of time by him/herself? These questions will be answered and more!

Real Life Examples

Not quite sure what I’m talking about? Here’s an example: your wife loves Chihuahuas. She can’t get over their small stature and big personalities. However, you have 3 young children, and that new Chihuahua is not going to want to share your wife and is not going to bond properly with your kids. What would be the right choice for you? There are plenty of breeds out there that live off of being smothered with love 24/7 from the whole family. Off the top of my head, I would suggest a Golden Retriever.

In another scenario, let’s say you are a big executive or even a doctor who works 12-hour shifts, and you absolutely LOVE Huskies. Based on stories I’ve heard and articles I have read (oh yeah, can’t forget those viral videos), Huskies need a lot of attention and do not do well by themselves. Maybe a sleepy Basset Hound will be a better fit. (But if you really do work long shifts, make sure you do you and your pup a favor and hire a midday dog walker!)

I think I rest my case. Be sure to stay tuned for “Living with a _______” next week. We will be talking about everything Poodles!



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